How to Clean Italian Leather Shoes?

Italian leather shoes are a luxurious item that require special care to maintain their appearance. Cleaning them improperly can damage the leather and lead to discoloration and other unwanted effects. In this blog post, we will teach you how to clean Italian leather shoes properly so that they look good as new for years to come!

How to clean Italian leather shoes?

1. Start by dusting off the shoes with a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt and dust.

2. Use a damp cloth to remove any stubborn stains on the exterior of the shoes, making sure not to soak the leather in water as this could damage it.

3. Apply a small amount of Italian leather cleaner directly onto the surface of the shoe using a clean cloth and rub it gently in circles until it lathers up. Let sit for 5 minutes then wipe away with a dry cloth.

4. If you need to remove tougher scuffs or stains, mix equal parts baking soda and castile soap together into a paste-like consistency, then apply it to the affected area and scrub gently with a soft cloth. Wipe away the paste, then use a damp cloth to remove any residue.

5. After cleaning, apply leather conditioner to help protect and preserve the shoes. Use a small amount of conditioner on a clean cloth and rub it into the shoe in circular motions until evenly distributed across the surface. Let sit for at least 5 minutes before wiping off any excess product with a dry cloth.

6. Polish your shoes using an Italian leather polish to give them back their original shine and color. Apply the polish with a soft cloth in small circles across the entire surface of the shoe, making sure not to miss any spots in order to ensure even coverage. Wipe away any excess polish with a clean cloth.

7. Allow the shoes to dry completely before wearing them, as wet leather can cause damage and discoloration.

8. Give your shoes a final shine by buffing them using a soft cloth or horsehair brush for an added luster and protection.

9. To help protect the leather from dirt and moisture, use a waterproof spray after cleaning and conditioning your shoes.

10. Finally, store your Italian leather shoes in their original box or in a dust bag that is lined with acid-free tissue paper to help absorb moisture and prevent cracking of the leather over time. This will also help maintain the shape of the shoe for many years of wear.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your Italian leather shoes look their best and last for many years to come. As with all leather products, proper care is key to extend the life of your shoes. With just a little bit of effort, you can keep your Italian leather shoes looking great for years to come!

Simple Tips To Taking Care Of Your High-Quality Italian Leather Shoes

1. Clean your shoes regularly with a damp cloth to keep them looking great and get rid of dirt and oils that can cause discoloration.

2. Condition the leather occasionally with a quality shoe conditioner or cream, particularly after periods of heavy wear or during wet weather.

3. Store your Italian leather shoes in their own dust bag when not being worn to protect against dust, moisture and other elements that could damage them.

4. If you live in a region known for extreme humidity, use silica gel packages inside the dust bags to absorb any excess moisture before storing the shoes away for long periods of time.

5. For shoes that require polishing, only use wax-based products specifically designed for leather items like shoes. Never use products containing petroleum or mineral oil which can break down the leather over time.

6. When possible, don’t wear your Italian leather shoes two days in a row so they have a chance to rest and air out before being worn again.

7. If you get your Italian leather shoes wet, stuff them with newspaper and allow them to dry slowly at room temperature away from direct heat sources like radiators or open fires.

8. Avoid exposing your shoes to extreme temperatures that could cause the leather to split and crack.

9. Use shoe trees when storing away your Italian leather shoes for long periods of time as this helps keep their shape and prevents moisture damage like mould and mildew from occurring inside the shoe.

10. Regularly apply a quality leather conditioner to keep the leather soft, supple and hydrated. Avoid using petroleum-based products as this can dry out the shoe’s material and cause the colour to fade over time.

11. Polish your Italian leather shoes regularly with a quality cream or wax polish to help protect them from dirt and debris while keeping them looking sharp.

12. If you plan on wearing heavy socks or thick trousers with your Italian leather shoes, it’s a good idea to purchase one size larger than you normally would as this will provide extra room for comfort.

13. Be sure not to over-tighten the laces when putting on your shoes, as doing so can cause the leather to stretch and become misshapen.

14. If your Italian leather shoes get wet, allow them to dry naturally as heat can cause the material to shrink or crack over time.

15. After wearing your Italian leather shoes, stuff them with newspaper to help them keep their shape and prevent creasing.

16. Invest in shoe trees for extra protection when you are not wearing your Italian leather shoes; this will also help keep the footwear smelling fresh and clean.

17. Store your Italian leather shoes in a cool, dry area such as a closet or wardrobe to protect them from humidity and extreme temperatures which can damage the material over time.

18. To remove scuffs or marks from your Italian leather shoes, use a mild soap solution and a soft cloth to gently buff them away.

19. Condition your Italian leather shoes regularly with specialised leather conditioners or polishes for extra protection against water damage and cracking.

20. Avoid wearing your Italian leather shoes in the rain or snow as this can cause severe damage to the material, leading to premature wear and tear.

21. If you must wear your Italian leather shoes in wet weather, make sure to treat them afterwards with an appropriate waterproofing product for maximum protection.

22. Have your Italian leather shoes professionally cleaned or repaired every few months; this will help keep them looking good and lasting longer.

23. When storing your Italian leather shoes during warmer months, make sure to keep them in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

24. Don’t forget to stuff your Italian leather shoes with shoe trees or newspapers when you’re not wearing them; this helps maintain the shape of the foot and prevents wrinkles from forming.

25. Finally, practice regular maintenance for your Italian leather shoes by cleaning, conditioning and polishing them on a weekly basis (or as needed); this will help extend their life and keep them looking like new!

For more information on how to properly care for your high-quality Italian leather shoes, check out our website which has additional tips and advice on how to best look after these beautiful pieces of footwear.

What not to do when cleaning Italian leather shoes?

1. Do not use chemicals, solvents or detergents to clean Italian leather shoes as these can damage the leather and cause discolouration.

2. Do not scrub or brush Italian leather shoes with abrasive materials as this can scratch and damage the surface of the shoe.

3. Do not leave your Italian leather shoes in direct sunlight or heat for extended periods of time, as this can dry out the leather and cause it to crack.

4. Do not try to remove deep-seated stains from your Italian leather shoes using a fabric dye or any other type of chemical product, as this could further damage the material and make it look worse over time.

5. Do not attempt to clean your Italian leather shoes using regular saddle soap or water as this can strip away the natural oils from the leather and make it brittle.

6. Do not use harsh bleaches or detergents on your Italian leather shoes as these will cause discolouration, fading and deterioration of the material.

7. Do not wear your Italian leather shoes in wet weather without appropriate protection, as this could damage the material and cause permanent staining.

8. Do not store your Italian leather shoes in a damp environment, such as a basement or garage, as this can create an ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew which can damage the material over time.

9. Avoid using any form of heat, such as a hairdryer or clothes dryer, to dry your Italian leather shoes after they have become wet. This can cause the material to harden and crack.

10. Do not use shoe polish on Italian leather shoes as this will cause discolouration and may clog the pores in the material, making it susceptible to water damage. Instead, use a specialised leather conditioner which nourishes the shoe and keeps it looking its best.

How to care for soft leather shoes

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your soft leather shoes will keep them looking great for years to come. Here are some tips on how to care for your soft leather shoes:

1. Remove dirt and debris with a damp cloth or lightly brush away any debris that may be stuck in the grooves of the shoe. Avoid using water or soap when cleaning your leather shoes, as this can damage the material.

2. Use a leather conditioner or cream on a regular basis to help soften the leather and prevent it from drying out and cracking over time. Make sure you use a product specifically designed for use on leather, such as mink oil or neatsfoot oil.

3. When not wearing your shoes, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will help keep the leather strong and prevent fading or discoloration.

4. If you must wear your shoes in wet conditions, make sure to apply a waterproofing product such as beeswax or silicone-based conditioners to help repel water and protect the leather.

5. Avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your shoes, as these can damage the leather and cause it to break down over time. Stick with mild detergents or natural cleaners like baking soda and warm water when necessary.

6. After wearing your leather shoes, stuff them with newspaper or other absorbent material to help retain their shape and avoid cracking of the leather. This will also help to reduce any moisture that may have built up inside the shoe.

7. Store your leather shoes in a cool, dry place when not in use and avoid leaving them exposed to direct sunlight as this can cause fading and discoloration.

8. Regularly inspect your leather shoes for signs of wear or damage, such as scuffs, cracks, or tears. If you notice any issues with the material, take steps to repair it promptly to prevent further damage from occurring.

9. Finally, get your leather shoes professionally cleaned and conditioned periodically to keep them looking their best. This will help extend the life of your shoes and ensure they remain comfortable and stylish for years to come!

How do you keep leather shoes from drying out?

Keeping leather shoes in good condition requires regular care and maintenance. The most important thing to do is to keep them clean and conditioned. After each wear, wipe away dirt, salt and moisture with a soft cloth or brush. This will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking prematurely.

It’s also important to use a quality leather conditioner on your shoes regularly. Leather conditioners help protect the surface of the shoe while locking in moisture, keeping it supple and preventing dryness and cracking. Apply a light coating of leather conditioning cream or oil every 2-3 months for best results.

Italian leather shoes
Italian leather shoes

Finally, make sure your shoes have adequate ventilation by storing them in an open place like near a window or in a well-ventilated closet. This will help circulate the air and keep your leather shoes from drying out.

In addition, you can use shoe trees to help maintain the shape of your shoes and wick away excess moisture from between wears. Be sure to use a shoe tree specifically designed for leather footwear in order to avoid causing any damage or discoloration.

With these tips, you can keep your favourite leather shoes looking new for years to come!

Is Vaseline good for leather shoes?

The short answer is no, Vaseline should not be used on leather shoes. The petroleum jelly in Vaseline can actually damage the leather, clog the pores and cause discolouration. Leather needs to breathe and petroleum jelly disrupts this process by creating a barrier which prevents moisture from entering or exiting the material.

Leather requires specific care to remain durable, soft and supple; using just any product could lead to irreversible damage. Instead of Vaseline, use a leather conditioner specifically designed for this purpose. Leather conditioners are formulated with natural ingredients that nourish and protect the material without creating an impenetrable barrier like Vaseline does. Regular application will help ensure your shoes stay in top condition for years to come.

Italian leather shoes
Italian leather shoes

To keep your leather shoes looking their best, it’s important to wipe down the surface with a damp cloth and let them dry completely before applying the conditioner. This will remove any dust, dirt or other residue that may be preventing the conditioner from properly sinking into the material. When you’re ready to apply, use a small amount of product and gently rub it in using circular motions until evenly distributed across the shoe surface. If the leather feels too dry or stiff after application, add more conditioner as needed. Lastly, use a soft cloth to buff away any excess product and restore shine to your shoes.

By following these steps and avoiding Vaseline on your leather items, you can successfully keep them looking like new for years to come. Leather is a delicate material that needs proper care and attention in order to stay in great condition, so be sure to invest time into conditioning and protecting it regularly. Doing so will ensure your leather shoes look amazing for many years to come!


In conclusion, cleaning Italian leather shoes can be a tricky process. Taking care of your shoes is important to ensure that they last as long as possible and look their best. Use the right cleaning products, store them in a cool, dry place and apply protective treatments regularly to keep them looking great for years to come. With these steps you’ll have beautiful Italian leather shoes that will stand up against the test of time.

By following these instructions and taking proper care of your Italian leather shoes, you’ll be able to enjoy them for many years to come. Not only will they look great but they’ll also stay comfortable and protect your feet from the elements while making sure you always look fashionable!

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