10 Best Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees (2023)

Bad knees can be a real problem when it comes to playing sports. A lot of people end up having to give up activities like basketball because of the pain and instability that their knees cause. However, there are basketball shoes specifically designed for bad knees that can help make playing this sport a lot more comfortable. Keep reading to learn more about these shoes and find out if they might be right for you.

What are best basketball shoes for bad knees?

Nike Men’s Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes for bad knees

The Nike Men’s Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes provide an excellent choice for anyone with especially bad knees. These shoes are designed to provide superior comfort and support, reducing the stress that can be caused by frequent running and basketball playing. The shoes feature a visible Zoom Air cushion to help absorb shock, a mid-high collar for additional support around the ankle, and a specially designed tongue to reduce pressure points. Moreover, the outsole is made from rugged rubber for enhanced grip on multiple surfaces. In short, here are five of the most notable pros of these shoes: they are lightweight and comfortable, have a snug fit that won’t slip off, offer elevated ankle support and protection, offer extra cushioning on impact landings, and provide good traction. There are also two cons that may limit some consumers—the price is relatively steep compared to some other models and they only come in one color scheme. All things considered, the Nike Men’s Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes are an ideal pick for those with bad knees looking for relief while practicing their game. Although expensive, the features make these shoes worth their value. When purchasing basketball shoes specifically designed for relieving discomfort in your knees look no further than Nike Men’s Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes! They will serve you well during regular training sessions or even long outings on the court! If you’re looking to buy new basketball shoes then you won’t regret investing in these!

Nike Men's Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoes for bad knees

The Nike Mens Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a supportive shoe with special comfort features. The lightweight design and breathable upper fabric combine to provide the shoe with both fit and ventilation, while the laces make them adjustable for any foot shape. The outsole also features multidirectional tread to ensure traction on any surface, as well as a reinforced toe cap for added protection. On top of all this, the cushioning system has been specifically designed to reduce strain on the wearer’s knees. In review, these shoes have numerous pros: light weight; breathable upper; adjustable lacing; multidirectional tread; reinforced toe cap; and knee support cushioning system. However there have been two cons reported—the smaller sizes may run slightly tight, and there is some question about the longevity of its foam full-length Phylon midsole. But if you’re looking for great kneed support during basketball games these shoes could be your ideal pick! At the end of it all, they do what they promise – deliver solid performance support with ultimate comfort in mind – something any athlete would appreciate!. All in all, I recommend these shoes to anyone seeking a lightweight, comfortable pair of basketball performance shoes that protect their bad knees.

Nike Mens Lebron Soldier XIV 14 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour UA Curry 8 NM Team Basketball Shoes

If you’re looking for a basketball shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, and designed specifically to cushion bad knees while playing, then the Under Armour UA Curry 8 NM Team Basketball Shoes should fit your needs. The cushioning on the midsole is one of the shoes’ best features as it aids in reducing stress on your poor knees particularly when making hard landings. Additionally, this low profile basketball shoe has an external heel counter stiffness which maintains maximum stability during court activities; meaning less soreness and pain at the end of your games. These technology-filled shoes are also quite stylish for all facets of daily living not limited simply to sports. Lastly, its combination synthetic mesh upper with TPU over lays provides light weight and breathability so that your feet remain cool even when playing in intense games. Though the pros outweigh the cons for these shoes there are a couple of words of caution that I may suggest: if you have wide feet, you might feel some pinching or rubbing around the toe area; and with its navy blue design -it may require some extra cleaning to ensure they look sharp everytime you step out. All in all though, don’t let that deter you from buying a pair of these highly rated basketball shoes. They’re going to help make sure your poor knees are supported during basically every kind of court game! ​​

Under Armour UA Curry 8 NM Team Basketball Shoes

Nike Zoom Freak 3 Mens Basketball Trainers Da0694 Sneakers Shoes

The Nike Zoom Freak 3 Mens Basketball Trainers are an excellent choice for active athletes with bad knees. These durable sneakers provide superior comfort, traction, and support that instills confidence in confidently moving on the court. The Air Zoom technology offers cushioning and impact absorption, while the foam midsole provides energy return. The flexible sole design helps improve toe-off so players can keep a fast pace without compromising control. Additionally, the thin tongue reduces bulkiness and provides unrestricted movement around the ankle. All in all, these basketball trainers offer superior performance to help athletes play at their best – though they could benefit from deeper lacing eyelets and a more durable heel counter. To sum up, with its comfortable fit, sleek look, and reliable support system, the Nike Zoom Freak 3 is an ideal option for players who suffer from bad knees but still need a reliable piece of footwear to help them excel on the court. PROS: Air Zoom technology; Foam midsole; Flexible sole design; Thin tongue; Improved toe-off CONS: Lack of deep lacing eyelets; Not durable heel counter. Overall rating: 8/10.

Nike Zoom Freak 3 Mens Basketball Trainers Da0694 Sneakers Shoes

Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes

The Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes are a great choice for those who need extra ankle and knee support when playing basketball. At 10.5, they fit true to size, providing comfort and stability all day long. The black/aurora/smoke grey/white colour combination gives a great street style look, making them suitable for multiple activities. Pros include the breathable mesh upper that helps keep feet cool, the adjustable midfoot lockdown strap for enhanced stability, the thickly cushioned collar to guard against jarring impacts on weak knees and ankles, the durable rubber sole with strategically placed protection plates to cushion harsh landings and provide high traction, the foam midsole with drop-in Max Air unit to absorb loud impacts throughou titout their game. Specific joints are supported by Flywire lacing system that wraps around mid-foot ensuring a snug fit when playing hard. However two cons of these shoes are that they can be quite heavy and may take some getting used to at first as well as being difficult to break in so it might be useful to wear them one short stints before doing more intense activity like basketball. All in all these shoes are an excellent choice for athletes looking for maximum knee protection while still maintaining agility on court and providing long lasting comfort throughout the day. They make a great addition to any active wardrobe!

Nike Men's KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes, Black

LI-NING Fission Series Wade Men Professional Shock Absorption Basketball Shoes

The Li-Ning Fission series Wade professional shock absorption basketball shoes represent a winning combination of fashion and function. These stylish sneaks feature proprietary technology for athlete performance, allowing for quick adaptability to the playing surface and protection from hard impacts. With these sneaks, bad knees are no match for dynamic movement in the court.


  1. Proprietary technology for athlete performance with shock absorption.
  2. Quick adaptability to playing surfaces.
  3. Protection from hard impacts on the court and beyond.
  4. Stylish design with ultra-light materials for comfortable wear during athletic activity.
  5. Excellent cushioning that supports evenness of foot motion without straining knee ligaments or joints.
  6. Could be pricey compared to competitors’ products in the same category range in terms of features offered and designs featured; however, the quality of those designs merits a much deserved higher price tag in my opinion.
  7. Not everyone might appreciate the particular design this product has to offer; however, its aesthetics serve its purpose impeccably just as much as all other aspects of it do, making it an ideal choice when considering a high performing basketball shoe perfect for players with bad knees who need extra support while being active at the same time!
LI-NING Fission Series Wade Men Professional Shock Absorption Basketball Shoes Lining Wearable Stylish Sports Sneakers

Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Westbrook One Take CJ0780-002

The Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Westbrook One Take CJ0780-002 is a great choice for anyone who needs comfortable shoes but has bad knees. It offers great arch support, helping to reduce strain on the joints. The cushioning is top-notch; it absorbs the shock of every step and is especially helpful when jogging or exercising. In addition to these features, the shoes also look stylish and have superior traction on wet surfaces. On top of that, they are lightweight and breathable enough to wear all year round in any climate. The sizing runs true to fit and they have good durability too—all of which make them well worth their price. However, they don’t come with several color choices or customization options, so if you’re looking for something fancier you may want to look elsewhere. Also, if you feel like long-distance running then these might not be ideal for your needs due to minimal cushioning in the sole. Nevertheless, The Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Westbrook One Take CJ0780-002 offer many advantages for people with bad knees who need comfortable shoes without sacrificing style or traction. All in all, these shoes are definitely worth considering if you’re looking for an overall satisfying product that really helps alleviate knee pain. Pros: Good arch support; cushioned footbed; stylish design; superior traction on wet surfaces; lightweight and breathable; true-to-size fit; good durability. Cons: lacks color options and customization options; minimal cushioning in sole which may limit its suitability for longer distance running activities.

Jordan Men's Shoes Nike Westbrook One Take CJ0780-002

Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes

The Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes provide a peak combination of comfort and performance for bad knees. Not only are they relatively lightweight, but their responsive cushioning and arch support make them excellent for games as well as everyday use. Pros include: (1) a midsole that offers ample support for jumping, cutting and stopping; (2) a durable rubber outsole provides strong grip on all surfaces; (3) ankle protection helps to prevent injuries; (4) comes in a variety of colors to choose from; and (5) fashionable design is easily paired with a variety of looks. The cons, however, are few: (1) they can be slightly pricier than other basketball shoes on the market; and (2) the non-removable insole can take some time to break in. In conclusion, the Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes are an ideal choice for anyone seeking cushioning and arch support while playing sports or just running errands. They offer maximum comfort without compromising performance making them an ideal buy for anyone who struggles with bad knees or simply wants to maximize their performance when it matters most. All this makes these shoes an excellent choice that should not be overlooked. Purposefully designed to meet athletes’ needs and maximize comfort, Nike LeBron 19 Low Basketball Shoes deliver on style, quality, durability and top-of-the-line features that hold up under even the toughest game play. They’re an all-around winner!

Nike Lebron 19 Low Basketball Shoes

Nike Jordan Men’s Shoes

The Nike Jordan Men’s Shoes Jordan Zion 1 Bloodline DA3130-006 is a great choice for those with bad knees looking for comfortable footwear. Its combination of lightweight breathability and extra cushioning provide stability, so it can be worn all day without feeling weighed down. The mesh upper helps to keep feet cool throughout the day and its extra cushioning also ensures that feet don’t become fatigued. Pros include: a lightweight design; flexible cushioning; excellent breathability; adjustable lacing system; and moisture-wicking materials. Cons include a limited color selection and the potential for overheating in hot climates. Overall, these shoes are perfect for individuals who need the added support associated with bad knees but don’t want to compromise on comfort or style. Recommended!nike jordan men’s shoes jordan zion 1 bloodline da3130-006 pros: light weight design, flexible cushioning, excellent breathability, adjustable lacing system, wicks moisture cons: limited color selection, overheating in hot climates with extended wear time overall an excellent option for people with bad knees looking for additional support without sacrificing comfort.

Nike Jordan Men's Shoes Jordan Zion 1 Bloodline DA3130-006

Nike Jordan Men’s Zion 1 Basketball Shoe for impact protection

As an avid basketball enthusiast, finding the right shoes for support and impact protection is incredibly important. In my search for the perfect shoes, I stumbled across the Nike Jordan Men’s Zion 1 Basketball Shoe and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The stylish sneaker offers a great look with unbeatable comfort without compromising on durability. After wearing these shoes for several months, here are five pros and two cons to consider when making your own purchase:
PROS: (1) Contemporary design; (2) Padded footbed provides superior cushioning; (3) Ankle support prevents injuries; (4) Firm rubber sole helps improve stability; (5) Breathable fabric make them a comfortable wear – even through intense games. CONS: (1) Lacks arch support; (2) Price tag may seem high compared to others on the market. Despite their minor cons, the Nike Zion 1 basketball shoe are definitely worth it if you’re looking for superior impact protection and reliable ankle support. These sneakers have been excellent for both long-term use as well as athletic performance, particularly for players with Osgood Schlatters that require extra padding around the ankles. If you’re in the market for a new pair of kicks, I definitely recommend giving these shoes a go!

Nike Jordan Men's Zion 1 Basketball Shoe

Can shoes help with knee pain?

The right shoes can help protect your knee joint from the everyday wear and tear of daily life. Ill-fitting shoes or buying the wrong type of shoe can increase stress on the joint, making it less stable and potentially leading to pain. When selecting a shoe that is suitable for helping with knee problems, you should look for features such as increased padding, motion control technology, reinforced heel cushioning, and even adjustable laces for extra support. Cushioned insoles are also helpful in reducing pain caused by osteoarthritis. It’s important to note that most people require a combination of solutions such as customized orthotics and/or bracing products to achieve the best outcome when it comes to managing knee pain. In addition, using an anti-inflammatory medication may also be necessary to reduce swelling or discomfort. By taking all of these steps, you can begin to see an improvement in symptoms related to knee pain while maintaining good foot health. With the right balance of supportive footwear, customized orthotics, braces, medication and lifestyle changes if needed – you can quickly find relief from your knee problems in no time!

Why do my shoes make my knees hurt?

Wearing the wrong shoe type can cause strain on your joints. Shoes with misaligned support and excessive cushioning can cause your body to become off-balance, leading to increased pressure on your knees. Uneven terrain or shoes without adequate shock absorption may also put extra pressure on the knee joints, which can lead to knee pain. Additionally, those prone to overpronation (feet rolling inward) or flat feet when walking may find that their foot rolls further inward than it should in certain styles of shoes, leading to joint strain and potential overstretching of the ligaments. Finally, high heels change the angle of your feet and shift your center of gravity forward, making it difficult for the knee joint to withstand the repetitive forward motion required for walking. For all these reasons, selecting the correct type of footwear is essential in making sure you stay comfortable and healthy during long walks or regular exercise. In most cases this requires selecting a quality shoe with arch support for stability, low heel height for body alignment, cushioning for impact shock absorption, and traction suitable for any uneven surfaces you might encounter along your way.. Of course if symptoms persist, consulting with a ​podiatric physician may be necessary to determine if there are any underlying biomechanical issues that need attention. Therefore it is important to have proper knowledge about what kind of shoes we choose so as to not make our knees hurt while protecting our own health in general. By doing so a person will have more energy throughout their day which will eventually improve lifestyle overall in their life!

Do basketball shoes actually help?

Basketball shoes have been a staple on the courts for decades, but do they really provide any real benefits when it comes to performance and injury prevention? The answer is yes. Basketball shoes offer several advantages: they provide enhanced support and stability while moving; they also reduce shock absorption during impact, which helps minimize stress on the joints, tendons, and muscles; and finally, they can help with traction and balance on the court. Many elite athletes swear by specific features in their footwear – such as grip textures, air cushioning systems, or highly responsive midsole foam. However, it’s important to remember that good equipment alone doesn’t make a player; fundamental skills training is still key. In summary, shoes don’t make the player but they can make the player better and less prone to injury. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just play recreationally, the right footwear can help you be at your best.

Should you put insoles in basketball shoes?

When it comes to sports and athletics, having the right equipment is essential for playing your best. Basketball is no exception, and having the right pair of shoes can make a huge difference in your performance. Many people overlook the importance of insoles in basketball shoes, but adding an insole can be one of the best decisions you make for your game. Not only do insoles provide cushioning and shock absorption for hard cuts and jumps, but they can also provide support for your arches and help prevent overpronation when running. Insoles keep your feet in a neutral position, helping to reduce strain on muscles and ligaments and making it easier to move quickly on court. As with all athletic gear, choosing the right insoles for basketball should depend on how you play – if you need more arch support or heel cushioning then opt for an insole designed for those needs – but either way, adding insoles to your sneakers will help you reduce the impact of the game on your body while still performing at peak levels. With this extra support, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge.

What kind of shoes are good for knee pain?

When it comes to finding shoes that will provide relief from knee pain, the best kind of shoe is an athletic or running shoe. These types of shoes are specifically designed to provide maximum cushioning and support, features that make them perfect for those plagued with joint pain. Athletic shoes are even tailored to provide specific benefits geared toward helping athletes maximize their performance. For those who suffer from knee pain, this means that they will be able to absorb more shock and endure less impact on the knees over time – a key feature when dealing with agony in that area of your body. Whether you have mild or severe joint pain, you should give yourself the opportunity to reduce discomfort by investing in high quality shoes that are designed with orthopedic health in mind. They may just be the answer you’ve been searching for! With careful consideration and careful selection, proper footwear can really make all the difference for sufferers of knee pain. It’s worth exploring this option before relying solely on medication and other treatments. No matter your level of pain, choosing shoes designed for your knees can help return you to optimal health far sooner than ever before!

What type of shoes are best for knee arthritis?

When it comes to managing knee arthritis, finding the right type of shoes can make a big difference in terms of comfort and support. Experts suggest focusing on soft, flat, flexible sneakers or walking shoes designed to mimic the biomechanics of walking barefoot. This approach was first validated by a study conducted by Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, which published its findings in the May 2013 edition of Arthritis & Rheumatism. Shoes with soft construction and flexible material provide greater cushioning for painful joint areas. They also help reduce unfavorable movements that harm the knee joint, such as twisting or turning abruptly from side to side. To further protect your knees from pain and ongoing damage, avoid buying shoes with elevated heels (over 1 inch) or extremely hard outer soles – these provide too much resistance when walking, which impacts negatively on your knee joints over time. Wearing the correct type of shoe is essential for anyone suffering from knee arthritis, so remember to carefully check the material and design specifications before making a purchase. With the right pair of shoes on your feet you’ll be back to enjoying life sooner than expected!

What should you wear when your knee hurts?

If you are suffering from knee pain, knowing what kind of apparel or knee brace to use for relief can be confusing. You should start by assessing the severity of your pain and doing some research on different types of support garments that may suit your needs. Many times, an elastic wrap is recommended to reduce swelling and help with mild inflammation. They come in a variety of materials such as foam and elastic or plastic straps with Velcro fastenings for extra security. For more severe injuries, it may be best to wear a metal or rigid plastic arm brace which is designed to provide optimal support while helping maintain stability when walking or participating in physical activities. Whether you are looking for style or substance, there are many varieties available today so make sure to do your research before making a purchase. With the right form-fitting clothing and brace combinations, you can manage your knee discomfort while keeping up with regular activities. In addition, if you suffer from chronic knee issues, getting professional advice from a doctor is your best option as additional treatments may be necessary to fully manage the pain. Taking measures towards prevention and injury management can help alleviate symptoms in the long run! With the right combination of apparel choices for your particular needs, you can take control of your knee health today!

How can I strengthen my worn knees?

Strengthening your worn knees doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Start by sitting on a chair or stool that’s high enough for your knees to bend at a roughly 90-degree angle. This position allows you to move in and out of stretches without exerting any undue strain on your joints. Once seated, put a light weight cuff on one of your calves, above the ankle area. You can then begin to slowly stretch out the other leg and lift it up. Hold this position for 5 seconds before slowly lowering it back down again. Aim to do 8 – 12 repetitions with each leg before switching over to the other calf. With consistent practice, you should start to feel stronger knee support and decrease any discomfort caused by constant strain on the joint. This is an effective way to strengthen weakened joints without compromising safety. In addition, if engaging in activities such as biking or running that could cause more strain than normal, always ensure appropriate stretching and warm up exercises are done beforehand for optimal performance and joint protection over time. Following these simple steps can help keep your knees safely fit and strong! It’s important to look after them! And remember: practice makes perfect! Taking proactive action today can help prevent certain injuries from occurring down the road. So go ahead — take charge and take care of your knees!

Are Nikes good for knees?

Are Nikes good for bad knees? Absolutely! Nike has brought its world-renowned expertise to the task of creating running shoes with ample comfort and support to reduce strain on runners’ knees. In particular, the classic Pegasus shoe is a favourite amongst those with knee issues due to its reliable cushioning and responsiveness. The Pegasus uses plush cushioning systems such as Zoom Air units in the heel and forefoot, plus double stacked foam soles. Additionally, features such as the Dynamic Support wedge provide stability for feet during heavy use, which can often be a problem for runners suffering from knee aches and pains. What’s more, well-engineered mesh uppers enhance breathability and ventilation in order to help keep feet cool and dry during long runs. All of these elements come together to make the Nike Pegasus an ideal choice for anyone concerned about their knees while running.

How can I exercise with bad knees?

Keeping active is an important part of staying healthy, even if you have bad knees. Low-impact walking is one of the best exercises for individuals with bad knees, as it helps to strengthen the surrounding muscles while not putting too much strain on the joint itself. Other low-impact exercises that are good for bad knees include lateral walking, monster walks, donkey kicks, fire hydrants and warm-up stretches. If you do not have access to a swimming pool, water aerobics are also a great way to get your body moving without aggravating any knee pain. It’s important to remember that with any exercise program, it’s best to start slow and gradually build up intensity in order to ensure your safety and prevent further injury. With proper knowledge about how to exercise safely and a commitment to building up strength and endurance, there’s no reason why you can’t still lead an active lifestyle with bad knees.

5 Things to consider when buying Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees

When shopping for basketball shoes for bad knees, there are several things to consider. Firstly, it is important to check the construction of the shoe to ensure that it provides adequate support and cushioning. Look for shoes with extra deep heel cups and ample midsole foam, as these materials will help to absorb shock and reduce wear and tear on the joints. Secondly, make sure you get a good fit – shoes that are too tight or too loose may not provide the right level of stability. Thirdly, look for features like arch support and ankle straps, as these components can help to ensure proper foot alignment during aggressive lateral cuts. Fourthly, be sure to opt for a model with breathable uppers, as this can help wick sweat away from the feet and keep them cool when playing hard. Finally, find a design with superior traction; heavily-cushioned shoes tend to have less grip so choose wisely! With all of these factors in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect basketball shoes that offer maximum comfort and protection for problem knees.


Athletes with bad knees, such as basketball players, can have an even tougher time finding the right pair of shoes. To ensure you get the best experience possible, here are 5 important things to consider when buying basketball shoes for bad knees: first and foremost, be sure to find a shoe that provides comfortable cushioning yet still offers excellent stability. Look for models with extra support in the sole and arch, to minimize possible stress on weaker joints. Additionally, ensure that the shoe is breathable with hard rubber soles that don’t easily deform or compress; this will help evenly distribute shock from impacts. Lastly, look for running/trainer shoes that offer lightweight flexibility without sacrificing cushioning or stability; this will help decrease fatigue over long periods of play. By following these guidelines you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect pair of basketball shoes for bad knees!

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