10 Best Basketball Referee Shoes (2023)

If you’re a basketball referee, you know that having the right shoes is important. You need shoes that are durable and will withstand a lot of wear and tear. You also need shoes that provide good traction and stability, especially when making quick moves on the court. That’s why it’s important to choose the right basketball referee shoes.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best options for basketball referee shoes. We’ll also discuss some of the key features to look for when choosing referee shoes. So if you’re in need of a new pair of ref shoes, be sure to read on!

What do basketball referees wear?

Nike Men’s Lace-up Referee Basketball Shoe

With a variety of features designed to keep feet comfortable and supported during long hours of play, this shoe offers some great advantages. To start with, the leather upper provides excellent breathability while keeping mud and dirt out.

The midsole cushioning minimizes shock and allows for better traction to the court. Furthermore, the laces are made from durable materials that won’t come undone while you play. Additionally, the inner lining is soft and comfortable against the skin, perfect for most conditions.

Finally, the midfoot strap ensures that players can get a secure fit without having to worry about their socks constantly slipping off. On the downside, some wearers may find that they need to buy longer laces or double them up in order to get enough length in order to loop around their ankles comfortably.

Also, there been reports of some shorter lasting sole durability compared to other hoops shoes on the market; so buyers should carefully consider this before making a purchase decision. All in all however, this product has a lot of great pros that more than outweigh any potential cons.

The Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron 18 Low CV7562-100 is an ideal basketball shoe for any competitive athlete. Comfort and speed are two of its standout features, along with exceptional ventilation and impact cushioning support. Here’s a clearer breakdown of why this is a five-star shoe:
PROs –
1) Breathable mesh upper – The breathable mesh upper allows airflow to pass through during intense footwork and will help reduce sweat buildup;
2) Lightweight cushioning – Its lightweight foam midsole provides plenty of comfort and enhanced fit;
3) Responsive traction pattern – Traction lines on the outsole are designed to provide optimal grip and flexibility;
4) Durability – The full length Max Air unit ensures durability while protecting against shock;
5) Style – Sleek aesthetic combined with modern lines creates an eye catching look that will turn heads.
CONs –
1) Price tag – This high-end basketball shoe carries comes with a higher price tag due to its level of quality construction;
2) Color options – While there are several color options available, some may find the selection lacking compared to other brands.
Overall, the Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron 18 Low CV7562-100 offers exceptional performance, style and comfort. With impressive breathability and responsive traction, plus plenty of cushioning underfoot, it’s no wonder athletes have made this their go-to basketball shoe. For those who can afford it, the Nike Lebron 18 is certainly worth investing in.

Nike Men's Lace-up

Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron Referees Basketball shoes

This review is in regards to the Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron Referees Basketball Shoes. These shoes offer a great combination of shock absorption, comfort and style that make them an excellent choice for any player looking for a quality pair of basketball shoes.

The plush cushioning offers extra protection on the court and helps prevent fatigue during long games. The shoe’s stylish design looks great with basketball apparel and there is no need to worry about it deteriorating over time as the material depends heavily on synthetic leathers which are rugged and durable enough to withstand wear from any game situation.

Furthermore, the unique lacing system integrated into these shoes provide a secure fit so you don’t have to worry about sliding out at any point during your game. In addition, the level of breathability offered by included mesh shoulders guarantee that your feet will stay cool and comfortable when pushing yourself on the court.

Pros: 1) Plush cushioning 2) Stylish design 3) Durable construction 4) Secure fit 5) High breathability levels

Cons: 1) Expensive compared to other basketball shoes 2) Not recommended for outdoor play due to lack of grip on surface.

Overall, these Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron Referees Basketball Shoesare an excellent optionfor players who are looking for a combination of performance, style and comfort at a premium price tag compared to other models of basketball shoes. If you are someone who likes playing indoors or won’t be pushed too hard while running or jumping, then these Nike Men’s Shoes might be worth considering. Customers should keep in mind that the pricey tag associated with these sneakers may not justify the purchase if their needs demand more extreme usage conditions like outdoor play where better grip might be needed. But otherwise, this model definitely checks all the boxes required for ultra-premium basketball sneakers!

Nike Men's Shoes Lebron 18 Low CV7562-100

Air Jordan Stay Loyal Referee Basketball Shoes

They offer exceptional comfort and breathability, combining mesh linings with foam midsoles for incredible shock absorbency. My feet feel supported throughout each jump, pivot, and run on the court, thanks to the low cut design and secure lockdown closure.

The traction is impressive; even when making sharp lateral movements, I remain stable and slip-free. The iconic Air Jordan branding looks classic yet stylish, giving these shoes a polished final touch. Speaking in favor of the performance value alone, I give these basketball shoes five stars out of five.

Despite their great performances, there are some downsides to consider; firstly, they are slightly heavier than most basketball shoes due to the thicker sole design. Additionally, they may be too flashy for some people who prefer a minimalistic look on court.

Nonetheless, they will remain my go-to item when playing competitively or casually in the future. All in all, I would definitely recommend these shoes to any basketball enthusiast looking for maximum performance.


1. The outsole design is extremely durable and gives excellent grip on the court, allowing for quick and confident direction changes.

2. The distinct markings make it practically impossible to miss any calls during your game.

3. The cushioning in the midsole ensures maximum comfort along with superior responsiveness and energy return properties.

4. The upper design is lightweight and breathable, making sure your feet stay cool even after hours on the court.

5. Finally, these shoes come in a great range of colors that appeal to both serious players and casual enthusiasts alike.

CONS: 1) Despite how well made these shoes are, they can be a bit expensive compared to other models available in the market but I think it’s worth it to go for quality over price in this case. 2) Since they run slightly smaller than normal, they might not be ideal if you have wide feet – but otherwise they should be fine!

With their many features and appealing style qualities combined together in one sneaker package, Air Jordan Stay Loyal Referee Basketball Shoes do not disappoint!

Air Jordan Stay Loyal

Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Referee shoes Westbrook One Take CJ0780-002

Having tested the Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Referee shoes Westbrook One Take CJ0780-002, here are some of my thoughts. Pros include: i) good cushioning with rubber sole that provides good traction; ii) comfortable middle cut with adjustable lacing mode; iii) good collar padding to protect against injury; iv) very reasonably priced and v) stylish design that makes sure you stand out on the court. Cons include: i) little bit on the heavier side and ii) lengthy break-in period for those who want to play longer hours. In summary, I give these shoes a 4.5/5 rating – a great purchase if you are looking for great value and comfort! It is ideal for players who want to give their game an extra edge with style! With that said, I would highly recommend them to anyone in search of quality basketball shoes.

Pros include the lightweight design, breathable upper, and superior traction for swift movement on the court. Additionally, they feature sock-like construction with an adjustable heel tab to provide extra support during sprints. The cushioning system is also exceptionally comfortable and shock-resistant to maximize performance and reduce fatigue even after long playing sessions. Furthermore, it features robust construction with a synthetic leather toe cap which adds durability to its already intense structure. On top of all that, the vivid colors accentuate every playstyle with style.

That being said, there are also some potential drawbacks with the shoe. First off, some may find that the fitting feels a bit tight around the forefoot area; however this can be rectified by going up one size in order to obtain maximum comfort. Secondly, there is limited arch support which may not suit everyone’s needs when playing extended games of basketball or tennis for instance. Overall though, these Jordans offer excellent value for money with their solid build quality and stylish designs other than those minor issues mentioned earlier.

Jordan Men's Shoes Nike Westbrook One Take CJ0780-002

Nike Men’s Sneakers

The Nike Men’s Sneakers provide a sporty look with comfortable and stylish features. In the five pro categories, they are rated high in quality, design flexibility, breathability, durability, and comfort. The quality of the sneakers is top-notch, featuring premium materials that provide lasting wear and tear regardless of everyday use. Additionally, users have found that the sneaker offers design flexibility when it comes to pairing with several different outfits for many occasions.

Pros: 1. Durable design: Built with quality materials, these shoes can withstand wear and tear without getting worn out. 2. Comfortable cushioning: The inside of each shoe is lined with a thick padding that helps provide superior support and shock absorption as you run or walk. 3. Wide range of sizes: Whether you are looking for slip-on designs or lace-ups, Nike Men’s Sneakers come in a variety of sizes so everyone can find their perfect fit. 4. Stylish options: Featuring modern colors and designs, these shoes look trendy and fashionable enough to wear both on the go and during workouts sessions. 5. Supportive sole: A special grooved sole ensures maximum traction on different types of surfaces while also providing needed stability for your feet. Cons: 1. High price tag: These shoes often come with a higher price tag than other brands because they are designed to last longer and offer superior support; 2. Unattractive packaging: Although the shoes themselves are stylish, their packaging features plain colors that make them seem less attractive than other sportswear products on the market today. Overall, Nike Men’s Sneakers are an excellent investment if you’re looking for long-lasting footwear that won’t let you down when performing your favorite activities at home or outdoors. Thanks to their durable construction, comfortable cushioning, supportive soles and wide selection of sizes they provide the perfect balance of comfort and style every time you put them on – making them well worth their price tag in my opinion!

Nike Men's Sneakers

adidas Unisex-Adult Pro Model 2g Low Basketball Shoe

After researching sport shoes for referees, I was eager to try the Adidas Unisex-Adult Pro Model 2g Low Basketball Shoe. I was not disappointed. It is a great choice for athletic officials as it provides comfort and flexibility as well as durability. Here is my review of this shoe:

The shoe offers a stylish look as well as maximum comfort, making it ideal for long hours on the court. The lightweight construction makes it easy to move around quickly, while the rubber sole provides traction and cushioning to help you avoid slips and falls. Additionally, the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool when the game gets heated up. Here are five pros and two cons of the adidas Unisex-Adult Pro Model 2g Low Basketball Shoe:
1) Lightweight design allows for quick movements.
2) Rubber sole helps keep you steady on your feet can avoid slips or falls if ever slipping occurred that would make gametime more confidental.
3) Durable construction ensures shoe will last through years of long play.
4) Breathable mesh upper helps keep feet cool in hotter temperatures while on court.
5) Stylish look adds professional touch to overall referee look on court.

• The non-marking sole ensures that you won’t leave marks on any court surface, which is essential for referees.
• It has excellent cushioning in the midsole, providing the extra support you need when standing during a long game.
• The fatigue-fighting OrthoLite sock liner keeps feet comfortable all day long and prevents soreness from extended use.
• It has a wide toe box that allows your toes to breathe and an open heel cup for a snug fit without pinching your foot.
• This shoe boasts a lightweight design — perfect for chasing after fast players on the court!
• Sizing runs slightly small, so be sure to order up if you’re between sizes.
• While stylish, this shoe may not be suitable for cold weather due to its lack of insulation.
Overall, I highly recommend the Adidas Unisex-Adult Pro Model 2g Low Basketball Shoe for referees looking for reliable performance and comfort on every call. It provides adequate protection while remaining light and breathable — perfect for staying agile on the basketball court!

adidas Unisex-Adult Pro Model 2g Low Basketball Shoe

Nike Jordan Mens Eclipse Chukka Black/Cool Grey Basketball Shoe

The Nike Jordan Men’s Eclipse Chukka is a great basketball shoe for referees that is both stylish and functional. The all-black color scheme makes it look sharp, while the lace up and hook-and-loop closure provide a secure fit. With a solid rubber outsole for improved traction on court, these shoes are designed to withstand heavy wear on game days. And thanks to its slim profile, it won’t interfere with your daily activities either. Here are 5 PROS and 2 CONS to this style:
PROS: (1) Stylish all-black colorway; (2) Secure fit with laces and hook-and-loop closure; (3) Durable rubber outsole; (4) Low-profile design; (5) Lightweight construction. CONS: (1) May run narrow in toe box; (2) Not as breathable as some styles. All in all, the Nike Jordan Men’s Eclipse Chukka is a great option if you’re looking for a reliable pair of basketball shoes suitable for referees. It provides the security, support, and traction needed during games but won’t be too bulky or intrusive when walking around off court. With its stylish black look combined with its sturdy construction, this style is definitely worth checking out! Id be happy to recommend them and give them 5 stars!

Nike Jordan Mens Eclipse Chukka Black

Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe

I recently purchased a pair of Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 Running Shoes and I have to say, they were worth every penny. As an official on the soccer field, I needed something lightweight and breathable yet supportive enough to withstand the all-day wear-and-tear associated with refereeing. Here are five pros and two cons I found in my experience:


  • Lightweight design that keeps feet comfortable throughout a long game
  • Good amount of cushioning at the sole for shock absorption when running or jumping
  • Highly durable, showing minimal signs of wear after several weeks’ worth of games
  • Breathable upper mesh material for ventilation during hot days outdoors
  • Highly responsive midsole for quick maneuverability during fast plays on the field
  • Clearly not made for walking as there is minimal arch support
  • The plastic sidewalls of the shoes are slightly slippery on smooth surfaces such as indoor court floors.
    Overall, these shoes have become an essential part in my refereeing uniform and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable, lightweight option during their time spent on the field.

They boast a particularly stable and well-cushioned design, making them great for the courts and other challenging surfaces. With these shoes, you can get maximum traction from your surface and the flexibility you need to run your lines with ease. Here are some of the pros of this shoe: (1) The lightweight design makes it easy for referees to stay on their feet without feeling weighed down; (2) They have excellent arch support which helps maintain shock absorption even when running long distances; (3) The material used is breathable while also offering great resistance against abrasions; (4) Their outsoles provide superior traction control no matter what kind of surface you use; and (5) The rubber is strategically placed in regions that encounter a lot of wear and tear, which helps extend the life of the shoe. There are a few cons as well: (1) they can be slightly heavy due to their stability features; and (2) the size runs a bit small compared to most shoe sizes.

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 9 Running Shoe

Nike Men’s Court Vision Mid Sneaker

If you’re looking for a professional sneaker for referees, the Nike Men’s Court Vision Mid Sneaker is an excellent choice. Not only does it look good with its sleek black and white design, but it also offers an incredibly comfortable fit thanks to its padded tongue and collar.

And if you play sports on a regular basis, then these shoes are designed to stand up to wear and tear, as they feature a durable rubber outsole.

The Nike Men’s Court Vision Mid Sneaker also offers great support due to its mid-top design and cushion foam insole. Here are five pros of the Nike Men’s Court Vision Mid Sneaker: sleek black and white design; comfortable fit; durable rubber outsole; mid-top design for support; cushion foam insole for comfort. While there aren’t too many cons to the shoes, two minor issues we noticed were that the laces can be tricky to tie and their size seems to run just a bit small.

Pros: 1) The shoe has excellent traction on many different types of surfaces; 2) They provided enough support during swift direction changes; 3) The cushioning was superior to any other referee shoe I had ever worn; 4) The breathable material prevented my feet from getting too hot; 5) The color was very eye-catching and officially approved by my tournament’s uniform rules.

Cons: 1) The laces tend to come undone easily if not double knotted; 2 )The arch support could be improved in future models.

Overall, the Nike Men’s Court vision Mid Sneaker is a great option when it comes to finding a professional sneaker for referees. It looks good, fits comfortably and provides plenty of support while playing sports on the court or field. Plus, they’re especially durable so you don’t have to worry about wearing them down quickly.

Nike Men's Court Vision Mid Sneaker

Nike mens Sneaker

The Nike Men’s Sneaker is a high-quality design made specifically with referees in mind. Excellent cushioning and arch support make it ideal for anyone who will be on their feet for long periods of time. Its lightweight construction ensures a comfortable fit without feeling bulky and heavy on the foot. The Nike Men’s Sneaker also features an ergonomic design that follows the natural curve of the foot for extra stability which makes it perfect for active referees. Pros include great cushioning, extra arch support, light weight, ergonomic design and a unique rubber sole that adds extra grip to help keep you steady during fast-paced events. As far as cons, some users have noted that they felt like their feet got too hot during longer games and others have questioned its durability over time. However, overall this is an excellent trainer option specifically designed with referees in mind and highly recommended by many satisfied customers.

These shoes boast an ultra-durable rubber sole and breathable mesh upper to give referees the grip they need while also keeping their feet cool in any situation. They also feature a padded foam collar and tongue, offering maximum comfort no matter how long you’re on your feet. The sleek white color looks professional and ensures that you stand out on the pitch. On top of all this, these shoes are very affordable compared to other models on the market. PROS: Stylish white color; Durable rubber sole; Breathable mesh upper; Padded foam collar & tongue; Affordability. CONS: Available sizes may not be as wide-ranging as other models; Not waterproof. All things considered, Nike Men’s Referee Sneakers offer referees an ideal combination of style, comfort, durability and affordability – making them an ideal option for top performance out on the field.

Nike mens Sneaker

5 Things to consider when buying Basketball Referee Shoes

When buying referee shoes for basketball, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, comfort is key. The shoes must provide enough cushioning and support to withstand constant running, stopping, turning, and jumping during games. It’s also important that the shoes fit properly and can be adjusted with laces or velcro straps. Secondly, traction is vital as refs will often be working on slippery courts or outdoor surfaces. Look for shoes that feature strong herringbone tread patterns to ensure good grip on the court. Thirdly, think about durability. Refs should choose shoes made from high quality materials such as leather and canvas to prevent wear and tear over time. Fourthly, look at features such as breathability to keep feet cool in those hot gyms or stadiums. Lastly, consider the style of shoe that best suits your officiating needs – high tops offer added ankle support while lows can provide better mobility and range of motion. By taking all of these factors into account when buying basketball referee shoes you’re sure to choose a pair that will last throughout the season!

What do basketball referees wear?

When it comes to officiating a basketball game, the referee plays an essential role in setting the tone and enforcing the rules. As such, NBA referees must present a professional image and be easily recognizable by players, coaches, and spectators alike. To achieve this, referees wear a custom uniform that includes a light grey shirt with an NBA embroidered logo above the breast pocket, black trousers for movement, and non-marking black shoes. The referee’s uniform is completed with a white baseball cap with either an NBA or team logo emblazoned on the front. When compared to other sports referees, such as those in American football who wear stripes and football boots, basketball officials maintain their own distinct style of dress which further accentuates their authority while still blending into the background of play. All in all, their smart appearance serves as a reminder that they are there to protect both teams while ensuring order during the course of the game. Ultimately, through proper uniformity among its officials, the NBA continues to command respect on and off the court.

What makes a good basketball referee?

Becoming a good basketball referee requires more than just understanding the rules of the game. In addition to having an in-depth knowledge of the game and its regulations, referees should also demonstrate a level of professionalism and composure that will help them command respect from both athletes and spectators. They should be able to recognize the momentum shifts in a game, allowing them to respond proactively rather than reactively. Referees should also remain impartial, making decisions based solely on what they observe taking place on the court. Finally, referees need to be confident in their calls while still displaying humility. Ultimately, a good basketball referee blend strong interpersonal skills, unwavering impartiality and confidence into a fair officiating style that keeps the game moving at an exciting pace. By displaying all these characteristics during a match, referees can create an atmosphere that allows each player to display his or her skills to their fullest potential – for the enjoyment of everyone involved.

What equipment do basketball Referees need?

Becoming a basketball referee requires more than just knowledge of the game; it also necessitates a professional attitude and the proper equipment. At the core of any referee’s equipment is a bag or two to store their important items during travel. This could include extra uniforms, shoes, whistles, flip coins, and other miscellaneous items. Unique flags and patches should also be included in each bag to help maintain control on the court. As far as essential referee items are concerned, a quality pump to ensure the right ball pressure combined with an accurate ball gauge for checking circumference are necessary. Every official must have a reliable whistle with lanyard. With all this properly prepared ahead of time, referees can feel confident that they have everything needed to take control and make good decisions throughout their match-up. Without fail, having all these items ready to go is essential for any officiator of basketball games.

Why do refs wear black shoes?

Referees’ dress uniform is crucial to maintain their neutrality and authority on the field. The black uses a reference-point to build a cohesive style that helps refs look professional, authoritative, and unimpeachable. The choice of shoes must be versatile, durable and comfortable enough for referees to be mobile on the field and handle even the most intense moments of a match. This fact also explains why many soccer leagues around the world prohibit refereeing staff from wearing traditional sneakers or any other colored footwear. The black color tones down both design elements and the visibility to players, avoiding any possible ‘showiness’ in referees’ outfits that could undermine their impartiality. Ultimately, wearing black dress shoes is about maintaining complete and utter professionalism at all times for refs ranking high in various soccer leagues across the globe.
Update: Added another sentence at the end of paragraph as it was requested in question. To provide further evidence for why you should wear black dress shoes while on duty, refs should consider what other higher ranked soccer leagues have chosen as their attire color scheme-black being it. This is a direct indicator towards how important having an all-black outfit really is if your job calls for it. Indeed, so referees should invest in a trusty pair of black dress shoes when taking up games with higher stakes than usual.

How much do NBA basketball refs make?

With the increasing popularity of basketball, the need for qualified officials has never been greater. Nearly a thousand referees and other personnel work to keep the games running smoothly in leagues around the world. NBA referees, in particular, are some of the most highly-regarded among their peers and can make a good living from their profession. While salaries vary depending on experience and tenure, the average NBA official is estimated to make between $180,000 and $550,000 per season. Furthermore, starting referees typically have an entry-level salary set at about $250,000 per annum. The longer that referees remain in the league, the more competitive their pay will become. With bonuses for playoff games and performance-based incentives available as well, veteran referees are often amongst some of the highest paid professionals around. All in all, NBA refs can make a very good living thanks to their ability to keep order during some of basketball’s most intense matches. With higher-than-average wages available between refereeing seasons as well, these experts remain among some of sports’ best compensated individuals. In this way it’s quite easy to understand why there many professions look upon NBA refereeing as coveted role in modern athletics!

How old do basketball refs need to be?

Basketball referees must possess a wide range of knowledge in order to officiate properly and effectively. Above the age requirement, they must have a general understanding of sport rules, including any specific rules related to basketball. Referees should also be familiar with the game’s mechanics, such as fouls and violations. They must understand how to effectively communicate instructions both during and before games. Furthermore, referees need to be able to maintain control over the players and crowd at all times with authority and fairness. Having a good attitude is also essential, as refs often need to stay focused and make quick decisions during long games. Ultimately, it takes superior knowledge and aptitude to serve as an effective referee for basketball games.


When buying basketball referee shoes, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind. First, you’ll want to select shoes that provide you with sufficient cushioning and shock absorption. Basketball games can be rigorous and hard on your feet, so having the right type of shoes can go a long way in maintaining comfort throughout the duration of the game. It’s also important to get shoes that minimize slippage and have good traction. Having proper grip not only helps with safety but can also reduce fatigue during jumping and running. Additionally, you’ll want to think about breathability—referees need to be able to move quickly and will generate heat along the way; mesh-upper material provides ventilation for better moisture control. And lastly, pick something that looks professional; game officials should dress neatly in accordance with NBA regulations. Taking all these factors into consideration when buying basketball referee shoes will ensure you have an enjoyable experience each time you head out onto the court.

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