10 Best Black Basketball Shoes (2023)

There’s no question that black basketball shoes have come a long way over the years. Just take a look at some of the old-school black basketball shoes, and you’ll see what we mean! While they’ve definitely evolved in terms of style and design, one thing has stayed the same: basketball shoes continue to provide players with unbeatable performance and support on the court. So if you’re in the market for a new pair of kicks, be sure to check out some of the latest black basketball shoes available today.

What is the best black basketball shoe brand?

Nike Precision 5 Men’s Black Basketball Shoes

The Nike Precision 5 Men’s Black Basketball Shoes are a great choice for any player looking for superior performance on the court. These shoes feature an upper made from breathable mesh material with synthetic overlays for stability and support, as well as a full-length rubber outsole for excellent traction. The cushioning system provides responsiveness and energy return when running or jumping, while the Zoom Air unit helps to absorb impact and provide maximum comfort. Additionally, the shoes deliver lockdown support in key areas thanks to their triple hook-and-loop fastening straps. For an incredibly responsive feel without sacrificing durability, the Nike Precision 5 is an ideal basketball shoe.

They feature a sleek black and anthracite color scheme, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe. The rubber outsole provides enhanced traction on multiple surfaces, allowing for quick movement on the court or other areas. The foam midsole cushioning helps to absorb shock whenever you take a jump shot or play a layup. The upper is made with breathable mesh material which provides optimal ventilation while keeping feet secure and comfortable during long playing sessions. As stylish as they are functional, these shoes would be an asset to any basketball player’s arsenal!

✔ Sleek black/anthracite color scheme
✔ Rubber outsole for enhanced traction
✔ Foam midsole for shock-absorption
✔ Breathable mesh upper for maximum comfort
✔ Stylish design


– Breatheable mesh upper with synthetic overlays

– Full-length rubber outsole for traction

– Cushioning system delivers responsiveness and energy return

– Zoom Air unit helps absorb impact

– Triple hook-and-loop straps offer targeted lockdown support


– Not winterproof

– Not suitable for long runs or marathon training sessions

Nike Precision 5 Men's Basketball Shoes Black Anthracite CW3403-006

Nike Men’s Lace-up Basketball shoes

After wearing Nike Men’s Lace-up Basketball Shoes for the last 6 months, I can confidently say they are some of the most comfortable basketball shoes on the market. The quality of materials ensures they will last a long time, regardless of how often you play and the build construction is supportive and reliable.

They also have strategically placed straps that help to keep your feet securely in place, plus an extra layer of cushioning for impact protection. They are also true to size, so no need to guess at your fit – though if you do want a roomier fit then it would be wise to go one size up. In terms of cons, I’d say that these shoes aren’t suitable for more advanced players as there isn’t enough ankle support due to the low profile design.

Secondly, heat retention can be an issue during warmer days – but that can easily be fixed by wearing thinner socks! All in all, these shoes offer great value for money and are ideal for recreational sports. Pros: Durable materials; Secure straps; Protection padding; True-to-size fit; No need to guess fit. Cons: Low ankle support; Heat retention during warmer days.

In addition, they look great; I love the classic design with the modern materials used for a stylish update. Furthermore, the rubber soles provide excellent grip and stability – perfect for serious players.

In terms of durability, these shoes stand up to heavy use like champs: no fraying or wear in sight after many games. And finally, the leather is incredibly breathable – no sweaty feet here! This combination of features make these shoes an ideal choice for competitive players.

Cons: only two cons worth mentioning here about this product – one is that they aren’t available in wide sizing, and two is that they tend to run a bit on the expensive side. Other than that, there’s really not much else I can say against them – they really are an excellent product!

Overall I would certainly recommend these basketball shoes; whether you’re a casual player or looking for professional-grade performance, Nike has something to offer everyone with this design. They may cost more than some other brands but it’s definitely worth it if you ask me – you really get what you pay for!

Nike Men's Lace-up

Nike Kyrie Infinity Men’s Black Basketball Shoe

The Nike Kyrie Infinity Men’s Black Basketball Shoe is the perfect choice for any basketball player who wants a reliable and versatile sneaker that doesn’t sacrifice on quality.

The upper is made of lightweight, breathable mesh with a synthetic overlay to ensure structure and support. The midsole features a reinforced midfoot shank to provide durability while still remaining flexible.

Additionally, the shoe offers responsiveness, due to an encapsulated Air Zoom unit in the heel and a Max Air 180 unit in the forefoot. The outsole has full-length herringbone traction design that provides superior grip on hardwood courts. On top of these features, these shoes look great too! All in all, this is an excellent shoe with many great benefits.

Here are some PROS: Durable and lightweight upper; Max Air 180 cushioning for responsiveness; Encapsulated Air Zoom cushioning for maximum shock absorption; Synthetic reinforcements for optimal structure and support; Full-length herringbone traction pattern for superior grip.

And here are some CONS: Narrow fit might not suit everyone; Outsole can be vulnerable to deeper scratches from sharp objects.

The outsole is made from a lightweight rubber compound that delivers superior grip on multiple surfaces. Additionally, full-length foam midsole delivers improved energy return and cushioning.

The shoe is equipped with unique Flytrap technology around the midfoot to give extra lockdown while also providing room for breathability security. Last but not least, the shoe has a stylish outlook design with colour accents paired with intricate details throughout the upper and deconstructed layers on the heel. All in all, it looks great when paired with any outfit and performs even better during training or basketball games.

Overall, the Nike Kyrie Infinity Men’s Basketball Shoe is an outstanding choice for basketball players who want to perform their best without compromising style or comfort.

Nike Kyrie Infinity Men's Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes

My experience with the Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes has been positive overall. Here is a summary of my thoughts after lengthy use:


  1. The shoes are made of lightweight, breathable material so they are comfortable to wear even throughout an intense game.
  2. They have strong cushioning in the mid-sole and outer sole which helps support your feet as you run up and down the court.
  3. The design is sharp and modern – I get lots of compliments every time I wear them.
  4. Due to their durability, these shoes really stand the test of time and will make it through long season without needing to be replaced or fixed regularly.
  5. Perhaps best of all, they come at an affordable price compared to similar basketball shoes on the market today.

• Lightweight design — weighs only 306 grams for maximum manoeuvrability on the court.
• Strategic cushioning — Zoom Air cushioning stabilizes each landing while providing great bounceback effect on each step.
• Locking lacing system — the laces wrap around adaptive Flywire cables that lock down feet, reducing unwanted pressure points.
• Durable construction — phylon midsole ensures your shoes will last game after game.
• Mudguard helps prevent mud from entering shoes while playing outdoors on muddy courts.
• Not ideal for narrow feet— may feel too loose if you have very narrow feet.
• Not much arch support— flat insoles may not provide enough arch support for those seeking additional support.
All in all, the Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes have some well-thought-out features that make them perfect for an aggressive style of play on the court. The light weight design, optimum cushioning and locking lacing system combine nicely to provide hours of enjoyable playtime without ever feeling weighed down or uncomfortable during rigorous activity. So if you’re looking for a solid pair of basketball shoes with top quality components, these definitely fit the bill!

Nike Men's KD Trey 5 VIII Basketball Shoes, Black

CJSPORX Mens Basketball Shoes

I recently purchased CJSPORX Men’s Basketball Shoes Breathable Non Slip Running Fashion Sneakers and I am extremely happy with the product. Here is a quick review of my experience:


  1. The shoes have great cushioning and shock absorption, allowing me to move around freely on the court without worrying about putting too much strain on my feet.
  2. They provide great breathability and stay cool throughout game-play due to their mesh lining.
  3. The non-slip rubber sole gives excellent grip, perfect for getting more traction while attempting to take shots and make cuts.
  4. Fit is true to size so there’s no need for tedious and time consuming exchanges or returns.
  5. Overall design looks stylish and comes in several attractive colorways that are sure to help you stand out on the court!
  6. The laces tend to be too long for most people so you may have to research tutorials on ways to tie them up properly so that you don’t trip over them during playtime or walk time during halftime break-time etc..
  7. There might be occasional issues with the eyelets coming loose from the shoe body after extended use of the shoes but this can easily be fixed by replacing them with stronger eyelets available online or at your nearest shoe repair shop at an affordable price! Overall, I am highly satisfied with these shoes and would recommend it to both casual players as well as athletes looking for an affordable yet practical pair of basketball shoes!

When looking for a quality pair of shoes to wear while running, playing basketball or just keeping up with the latest fashion, the CJSPORX Mens Basketball Shoes Breathable Non Slip Running Fashion Sneakers promise all these benefits and more. On first glance, the dual layered breathable mesh upper gives a sense of sporty style complemented with the logo design. On wearing them, it feels lightweight yet secure as if it was one’s own skin. The cushioning midsole insulates against harshness from the ground, creating a comfortable experience on long walks and runs. Furthermore, its non-slip outsole grip proves advantageous when competing in sports such as basketball or running through rain puddles without worry of sliding or slipping.

CJSPORX Mens Basketball Shoes Breathable Non Slip Running Fashion Sneakers

Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron All Black Basketball shoe

The Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron 18 Low CV7562-100 is an ideal basketball shoe for any competitive athlete. Comfort and speed are two of its standout features, along with exceptional ventilation and impact cushioning support. Here’s a clearer breakdown of why this is a five-star shoe:
PROs –
1) Breathable mesh upper – The breathable mesh upper allows airflow to pass through during intense footwork and will help reduce sweat buildup;
2) Lightweight cushioning – Its lightweight foam midsole provides plenty of comfort and enhanced fit;
3) Responsive traction pattern – Traction lines on the outsole are designed to provide optimal grip and flexibility;
4) Durability – The full length Max Air unit ensures durability while protecting against shock;
5) Style – Sleek aesthetic combined with modern lines creates an eye catching look that will turn heads.
CONs –
1) Price tag – This high-end basketball shoe carries comes with a higher price tag due to its level of quality construction;
2) Color options – While there are several color options available, some may find the selection lacking compared to other brands.
Overall, the Nike Men’s Shoes Lebron 18 Low CV7562-100 offers exceptional performance, style and comfort. With impressive breathability and responsive traction, plus plenty of cushioning underfoot, it’s no wonder athletes have made this their go-to basketball shoe. For those who can afford it, the Nike Lebron 18 is certainly worth investing in.

• They fit perfectly – true to size;
• Lightweight and durable;
• The sole is flexible and comfortable;
• Great arch support due to the pillow foam insole;
• Stylish design with tasteful colors.

Overall, I would recommend these Nike Men’s Shoes for anyone looking for performance, comfort and style in a great package. Strongly constructed with an attractive design, you can’t go wrong with these shoes! You will be hard pressed to find better quality than what is found in these sneakers. They provide excellent value from a trusted brand like Nike. The only downside is the higher price tag associated but they’re worth it if you plan on using them on a regular basis.

Nike Men's Shoes Lebron 18 Low CV7562-100

5 Things to consider when buying Black Basketball Shoes

Buying a pair of basketball shoes is an important decision for any player – after all, having the right footwear can not only enhance performance but also improve foot and ankle health. When it comes to picking out black basketball shoes specifically, there are several factors that should be taken into account. First, consider the type of court surface on which you’ll be playing as different shoes have specialized traction patterns that work better in certain environments. Second, make sure to select shoes with supportive cushioning – especially for players who jump or pivot often. It’s also important to look for breathable materials like mesh or fabric which will help the feet stay cool during intense games. Fourth, check for midsole flexibility and responsiveness; if you’re looking for a more rigid shoe, opt for an option made from synthetic leather or suede. Finally, be sure to find a pair of shoes that fit properly and offer enough arch support (look for options with removable insoles). By keeping these factors in mind when choosing black basketball shoes, players are guaranteed to end up with a pair they love!


Shopping for basketball shoes is a serious task that requires thoughtful consideration. With so many manufacturers and models to choose from, it’s important to find a pair that fits your individual needs, style, and budget. If you are looking for black basketball shoes specifically, here are five key points to keep in mind. First of all, make sure the shoe is true to size – this will ensure a comfortable fit and prevent injuries while playing on the court. Secondly, pay attention to cushioning: you want enough support so your feet aren’t tired after long hours of play. Make sure to also select shoes with good traction – the last thing you want is for your feet to slip during game time! Additionally, try on the shoes with sports gear and socks if possible as this will give you an exact feel of what it will be like when you actually have them on during practice or a game. Lastly, think about your budget when making your purchase: there are great options for quality basketball shoes both cheaper and at more expensive price ranges. Consider all these points carefully and happy shopping!

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